Butterfly Cup 2016

Four Shine girls competed in the Butterfly cup 2016 at Shoreham Academy, 3 of them earning sashes. Well done all, it was a great day and such a joy to see you shine!



Rose Cup May 2016

In May 2016 four of our wonderful girls competed at the Rose Cup, Northhampton, bringing home 2 Gold’s and 1 silver. What a great achievement.


Four Seasons Hoop 2016

Just two gymnasts took part in the first Four Seasons of 2016 bring home a silver medal.



Canterbury 26th April 2015

4 gymnasts competing on the Sunday from Shine, Carmen bringing home a bronze medal (her first ever competition) and Lucille a Gold in rope. Well done to all the girls who took part on the day. Hannah Martin and Suzy Vogel coached, and Larna Martin judged.

IMG_1137 IMG_1135 IMG_1138


Four Seasons April 2015

Shine competed at the Four Seasons with 2 gymnasts, Lucille Lee Redman claiming a gold medal.

Amelia Veale performing her Ball routine at the Four Seasons on April 12th 2015.

Well done to all the girls who competed in this years Butterfly Cup 2014!


Elizabeth Vogel claimed a silver medal with her hop under 10 level 1 routine, and Lucille ranked third in Zone A with her free under 8 Level 1 routine.