Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball


The ball is a piece of apparatus that most children have played with at some point. My 2 year old loves balls, has done since he was 6 months old, grown men get excited about a ball being kicked around a large piece of land. But how much more beautiful a gymnast dancing with a ball, incorporating swings, circles, rolls, bounces, figure of 8 and throw/catching.

Swings being the progression for a throw/catch whilst leaping, turning or cartwheeling, the gymnast can perform her body skills. The ball can be rolled over the body, arms and chest, back and front, down the back of the legs whilst on the floor, inside of arm as gymnast stretches over to the side. It is fun to experiment, bouncing the ball off different parts of the body not just the floor.

Circling the ball around your body, legs, a single leg whilst performing a penche, again it is fun to explore and experiment to find new ways of moving with the ball, as long as the gymnast does not grip or hook the ball in her hand and arm I am sure there is much to be discovered.

Rhythmic balls come in different sizes, obviously to fit the age of the gymnast, the junior ball for under 10s measures 14 to 17 centimetres in diameter and the senior 18 to 20 centimetres. I personally work with even smaller balls for children who are 6 or 7 years.