Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop

Rhythmic Gymnastics hoop

Who can hula hoop? Rotate the hoop around their waist, which is one of the first questions or actions the new gymnasts will demonstrate. There is many more handling skills to be acquired with the hoop swings, circles, rolls, spins, rotations, throw/catch and pass through and over the hoop.

Swings in front or to the side can lead to throw/catches, it is important to keep the arm straight so the gymnast can control the direction of the hoop. Rolling the hoop on the floor or over the body, chest, back and shoulders looks very skilful and elegant. Spinning the hoop in a balance, rotating the hoop around your hand, leg, neck is fun to achieve but the hoop must complete 3 rotations in a competitive routine. Skipping through the hoop and advancing to leaping is a challenge one can try as they advance with the piece of apparatus.

There are different sized hoops, you can purchase them from some supermarkets or toy shops, and also there are more professional makes that start going up in price.

To find the correct size for the gymnast, the hoop should be no higher than the gymnast’s hip joint .
Younger gymnasts approx. 70 centimeters or smaller in diameter and senior 70 to 90 centimeters in diameter.