Rhythmic Gymnastics Rope

Rhythmic gymnastics ropeRope, like the ball is an apparatus that young children normal come into contact with at some point. It is surprising how versatile the rope is, there is many different things you can do with the apparatus.

Skipping – Skip through, different sets of skips, forward, crossed over, double or triple, backwards etc. Then it can be like a lasso, reminding me of the cowboy films I watched as a child, over the head, to the front, side, if you don’t wipe yourself trying. Swings in a gentle pendulum motion, combined with patter turns can give the effect of sails; a sense of floating can be achieved. Rotation with a rope folded in 2 leading to a throw and catch. Try catching the rope on a leg or toe, letting it wrap around you and later unwinding it. Jumping over it folded 4 times over. So much fun can be had; in fact the rope is one of the first apparatus that the young gymnasts pick up.

I do advise that you make sure the rope fits the gymnast, if the gymnast stands in the middle of the rope with 2 feet together the rope knotted ends should come just up to their underarms, like the photo should demonstrate. Knotting the ends helps the gymnast when skipping and throwing and catching.