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A comprehensive kit for large classes.
Contains: 8 Gymnastic Balls (2 of each colour), 16 Junior Gym Clubs (4 of each colour), 8 x 4m (13Õ) Ribbons (2 of each colour), 8 Ribbon Sticks, 1 BSL Multipurpose Holdall


Other Products

Rubber Clubs By Chacott – 45cm

Rubber Clubs by Chacott: Chacott’s rhythmic gymnastic fiber-reinforced rubber clubs are guaranteed to steal the show with its beautiful colors, eye-catching design, soft safety material, and FIG certification! The clubs’ high quality elastomer material features a supreme weight balance to promote elegant precision throughout every routine! Each club is imported from Japan with your choice of 410 millimeters or 455 millimeters in length, and an average weight of 150 grams. It’s your turn to light up the stage with the following available colors: Chacott Pink & Midnight Black (40 cm or 45 cm), Chacott Pink & White Ice (40 cm or 45 cm), Midnight Black & Chacott Pink (40 cm or 45 cm), Midnight Black & Deep Orange (40 cm or 45 cm), Midnight Black & White Ice (40 cm or 45 cm), Peppermint & White Ice (40 cm or 45 cm), White Ice & White Ice (40 cm or 45 cm), and Yellow & Chacott Pink (40 cm or 45 cm)! Originating in 1950, Chacott is the premier supplier of classical ballet supplies in Japan, and they have successfully branched out as a leading supplier of the highest quality rhythmic gymnastics products. Chacott has already become an Official Apparatus Partner of the FIG and has subsequently satisfied FIG certification requirements for the majority of their products! Recently, the leading manufacturer sponsored the Japanese Junior Championships, the 2009 September World Championships, and the 2011 September World Championships. Chacott’s passion for dance is clearly visible through their efforts to consistently produce quality items!


Sasaki Plastic Clubs (M-35)

Sasaki Plastic Clubs (M-35): These versatile M-35 Plastic Clubs from Sasaki will let you showcase your talents as a rhythmic gymnast with the help of high-quality equipment. Each durable plastic FIG-approved club measures 45 cm in height and has a minimum weight of 150g. Choose from seven bold and vivid colors, including fresh red, bright green, bright pink, bright yellow, purple, black and white.


Sasaki Clear Fluo Hoop (M-15)

Sasaki Clear Fluo Hoop (M-15): This unique M-15 Clear Fluo Hoop from Sasaki is sure to make you stand out during your rhythmic gymnastics routines. Made of polyethylene for the lightweight endurance you need, the hoop is available in three different sizes, including 85 cm, 80 cm and 70 cm. The hoop is available in fourbrilliant and fun fluorescent shades, including orange, pink, lemon yellow and muscat green. The hoop might not be FIG-approved, but the sturdiness and brilliant neon colors make it a greatchoice for gala events or non-competitive performances.


Waterproof Hoop Cover by ZenRG

Waterproof Hoop Cover by ZenRG: The best way to avoid damage is to preserve your rhythmic gymnastic equipment! ZenRG’s hoop covers simplify travel as just the thing to maintain and protect your rhythmic gymnastic hoops. The covers are constructed from a fine and durable material that is waterproof. Various Sizes.


Sasaki Junior Rubber Clubs (MJ-38)

Sasaki Junior Rubber Clubs (MJ-38): Young rhythmic gymnasts and beginners will have a chance to perfect their techniques with this MJ-28 Junior Rubber Club from Sasaki. The club is 36 cm in height and has a minimum weight of 100g. Choose from eight beautiful colors to add some personality to your routine. Shades include fresh red, fresh green, fresh pink, bright yellow, light blue, purple, white and black. The special paint finish means the color will stay bright and vivid.


Sasaki Progreskin Low Back Undersuit (F-255)

Sasaki Progreskin Low Back Undersuit (F-255) – Beige: This F-255 Progreskin Underwear (Low-cut Back) from Sasaki combines comfortable functionality with extra style, making sure you will always have the freedom of movement you need. The undersuit is made from 85% polyester and 15% polyurethane for a comfortable fit that will move with you and reduce bunching or wrinkling beneath your gymsuit. The low-cut back means you can wear the beige undersuit with a variety of leotards and other rhythmic gymnastics apparel. Progreskin is quick to dry and has a great level of stretch.


Sasaki Hoop Cover (SB-18)

Sasaki Hoop Cover (SB-18): Treat your rhythmic gymnastics equipment with tender loving care by using this convenient SB-18 Hoop Cover from Sasaki. The durable nylon cover will fit up to five of your rhythmic gymnastics hoops, and can be a great solution for transportation or storage. Choose from five fun and vibrant colors, including lemon yellow, blue, orange, pink and black. The cover also boasts the Sasaki logo onthe front.


Sasaki Ball Pump (M-22P)

Sasaki Ball Pump (M-22P) Keep your rhythmic gymnastics ball looking flawless and performing well with this M-22P Ball Pump from Sasaki. The black rubber pump is simple to use, allowing you to restore original bounce and fullness to your RG balls. The pump allows you to easily extend the life and usefulness of your RG equipment.


Paint Leotard Holder – Linda With Ribbon

Rhythmic Girls Leotard Holder by Pastorelli: Pastorelli presents another leotard holder you can rely on! Each leotard holding case is constructed from tear-resistant fabric and features beautiful illustrations depicting rhythmic gymnastic routines. The leotard holder is completely fortified from every angle with side closures. Just one of Pastorelli’s leotard holders is capable of securing 2 leotards!


Sasaki GymStar Ball (M-20A)

Sasaki GymStar Ball (M-20A): This durable yet elegant M-20A GymStar Ball is Sasaki’s most standard ball. The FIG-approved ball is made from versatile rubber, with minimum weight of 400g and a diameter of 18.5 cm. The ball available in a broad range of colors, allowing you to select the shade that complements your gymsuit. Choose between powder pink, rose pink, muscat green, orange, black, cherry pink, raspberry, pink, lilac, purple, light blue, red, fresh red, lemon yellow, blue and white.


Sasaki Jr Rubber Clubs 40.5cm (M-34JK)

Sasaki Jr Rubber Clubs 40.5cm (M-34JK): These M-34JK Rubber Clubs are FIG-approved and professional quality, ready to showcase your rhythmic gymnastics skills during practice and performances alike. The clubs are made from durable urethane and feature a minimum weight of 150g, offering an ideal balance. Each club measures 40.5 cm in length. Choose from a range of beautiful shades, including fresh red, fresh green, fresh pink, bright yellow, light blue, white, purple and black.



A comprehensive kit for large classes.
Contains: 8 Gymnastic Balls (2 of each colour), 16 Junior Gym Clubs (4 of each colour), 8 x 4m (13Õ) Ribbons (2 of each colour), 8 Ribbon Sticks, 1 BSL Multipurpose Holdall


Bag for Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus

87cm dia. rhythmic gymnastic apparatus bag. Suitable for holding hoops, ribbons, ribbon sticks, rhythmic gymnastic balls, gymnastic clubs and gymnastic ropes.


Sasaki Standard Hoop (M-13)

Sasaki Standard Hoop (M-13): This M-13 Standard Hoop from Sasaki is the perfect option for rhythmic gymnasts of all ages and experience levels, providing essential strength and versatility. The hoop is made from sturdy yet lightweight polyethylene. The hoop arrives in six different sizes, including 90 cm, 85 cm, 80 cm, 75 cm, 70 cm and 60 cm. All the sizes are available in both pink and white. The 90 cm, 85 cm and 70 cm hoops are also available in cream yellow, green and blue.


Sasaki Galaxy Bright Muse Ball (M-207BRM)

Sasaki Galaxy Bright Muse Ball (M-207BRM): This M-207BRM Galaxy Bright Muse Ball from Sasaki is sure to dazzle during your rhythmic gymnastics routines. Choose from either black or blue for a color that complements your gymsuit or leotard. In addition to featuring a beautiful finish, the durable and FIG-approved rubber RG ball measures 18.5 cm in diameter and has a minimum weight of 400g. The ball features subtle yet eye-catching sparkles for a truly dazzling effect.


Sasaki Stardust Tri-color Ball (M-206)

Sasaki Stardust Tri-color Ball (M-206): Bring a little color to your rhythmic gymnastics routines with this M-206 Stardust Tri-Color Ball from Sasaki. The durable FIG-approved rubber ball measures 18.5 cm and weighs a minimum of 400g. Choose from two vivid and elegant color schemes, including raspberry and powder pink. The RG ball is sure to dazzle during your performances, especially because of its beautiful sparkling finish.


Sasaki Jr Stretch Blend Panty (J-199)

Sasaki Jr Stretch Blend Panty (J-199) – Beige: Enjoy optimum comfort during your rhythmic gymnastics routines with this J-199 Junior Panty from Sasaki. Designed to fit younger gymnasts, the underwear is composed of 90% polyester and 10% polyurethane for a smooth, secure fit that will not bunch or wrinkle. The beige panty is available in junior large and junior medium.


Sasaki Tri-color S Ball

Sasaki Tri-color S Ball (M-207S): Enhance your rhythmic gymnastics routines with this elegant, colorful and durable M-207S Tri-Color S Ball from Sasaki. The rubber ball measures 18.5 cm and weighs a minimum of 400g. The beautiful blend of colors make this FIG-approved ball an excellent addition to your rhythmic gymnastics routines, including practice and performance. The ball is available in both a lavender and silver blend and in red.


Sasaki Aurora Ball (M-207AU)

Sasaki Aurora Ball (M-207AU): You deserve the best rhythmic gymnastics equipment to properly showcase your talents, so choose this M-207AU Aurora Ball from Sasaki. The FIG-approved RG ball weighs 400g minimum and measures 18.5 cm in diameter. Select your favorite color from an array of vivid shades, including blue, muscat green, purple, light blue, cherry pink, white and brown. The ball features a dazzling sparkling finish to truly enhance your presentation.


Sasaki Strong Join Hoop (M-11ST)

Sasaki Strong Join Hoop (M-11ST): This M-11ST Hoop from Sasaki provides strong, lightweight endurance, helping you showcase your rhythmic gymnastics talents with pride and confidence.The FIG-approved hoop has an enhanced join part,reducing the possibility of sudden breakage or damage. The hoop is made from durable chloroethylene. The white hoop is available in 81 cm, 85 cm or 89 cm, to meet your varying needs. The minimum weight is 300g.


Sasaki Ball Cover (SB-50)

Sasaki Ball Cover (SB-50): Make sure your rhythmic gymnastics balls are always protected with this SB-50 Ball Cover from Sasaki. The RG ball holder will securely hold your RG equipment, and is great for either transporation or storage needs. The drawstring top is simple to use and holds your RG ball in place. The front reads “I [Heart] R.G.”, letting you show off your passion for rhythmic gymnastics, and is constructed from 85% nylon and 15% polyurethane. The bag is available in black with pink accents or black with red accents.


Sasaki Tights Straight Stirrup (T-1800)

Sasaki Tights Straight Stirrup (T-1800): Add to your rhythmic gymnastics apparel with these flexible, comfortable T-1800 Tights from Sasaki. The tights are available in both black and beige, allowing you to choose the color that works with your wardrobe. Choose between three sizes: small free, medium free and large free. The blend of 85% nylon and 15% polyurethane will stretch to provide comfort and freedom of movement. The tights feature a straight stirrup silhouette for a more secure fit.


Sasaki Anti-slip 2-Color Clubs (M-309)

Sasaki Anti-slip 2-Color Clubs (M-309): Increase your confidence during your rhythmic gymnastics routines with these M-309 Anti-Slip Clubs from Sasaki. These FIG-approved clubs feature a plastic body and a nylon head with an electrostatic flocking finish, guaranteed to reduce slipping and enhance your performance. Each club weighs a minimum of 150g and measures 45 cm. Choose from a range of bold color combinations, including bright yellow and pink, black and white, and fresh red and black.


Sasaki Junior Ball (M-20C )

Sasaki Junior Ball (M-20C ): Young gymnasts and beginners to rhythmic gymnasts will benefit from this simple yet functional M-20C Junior Ball from Sasaki. The ball is not FIG-approved and is suitable for use during non-competitive events or practice. The ball measures 15 cm in diameter and comes in a variety of fun colors, including muscat green, orange, lavender, lemon yellow, pink, blue, red, rose pink, white and light blue.


Sasaki Jupiter Ball (M-207K)

Sasaki Jupiter Ball (M-207K): Bring some extra pizzazz and sparkle to your next rhythmic gymnastics routine with this M-207K Jupiter Ball from Sasaki. With a minimum weight of 400g and a diameter of 18.5 cm, this FIG-approved ball is the perfect weight and size to allow for easy handling during even your challenging routines. Choose from three solid colors, including purple, blue and black. For extra fun, try a combination of two colors, choosing between fresh red and black or pink and lapis blue.


Rubber Clubs – Purple Orchid Pastorelli

Rubber Clubs by Pastorelli: Pastorelli’s rhythmic gymnastic rubber clubs will grab the spotlight you deserve! The clubs are FIG approved, promote safe handling, and cover an eye-popping spectrum of rainbow colors that are as bold as they are bright! Each club stands at 41 centimeters and weighs in at 158 grams. This excellent purchase also has the option of several amazing colors: Clear White, Fluorescent Pink, Phantom Black, Purple Orchid, and Raindrop Blue! All of Pastorelli’s equipment is directly imported from headquarters based in Italy. For the past 25 years, elite European rhythmic gymnasts have revered Pastorelli as one of the best manufacturers of top quality gymnastic equipment! The rest of the world finally agreed after the 2010 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships: the company was crowned as an FIG Official Partner and awarded FIG certification for 14 individual pieces of RG equipment by the FIG Technical Committee! Recently, nine of the top twelve National World Championship teams faithfully utilized Pastorelli’s products during a routine.


Sasaki Jr Waist Warmer (TJ-132)

Sasaki Jr Waist Warmer (TJ-132): Ensure that your waist is properly protected and supported with this TJ-132 Junior Waist Warmer from Sasaki. Sized to suit the figures of younger gymnasts, the waist warmer is made from comfortable, durable and breathable polyester, and is available in versatile black. The warmer is available in one size fits all.


Sasaki Rayon Jr Ribbon 5m (MJ-715)

Sasaki Rayon Jr Ribbon 5m (MJ-715): For young gymnasts or rhythmic gymnasts beginners, this graceful MJ-715 Rayon Junior Ribbon from Sasaki encourages precision without being too unmanageable. The rayon RG ribbon has a length of five meters, letting new gymnasts get used to handling the ribbon with ease. Choose from a range of bold shades, including white, black, wine red, turquoise blue, pink, apple green, yellow, lavender, peppermint green, red, saxe blue, cherry pink and vermillion.


Sasaki Rubber Clubs (M-34)

Sasaki Rubber Clubs (M-34): These M-34 Rubber Clubs from Sasaki will enhance your routines by providing a perfect weight balance, giving you a chance to show off your dexterity and grace. The clubs are made from durable and long-lasting urethane, with a height of 44 cm and a weight of 150g minimum. The special paint finish means that the color will remain brighter longer. Choose from elegant and vibrant colors, including fresh green, light blue, white, black, fresh pink, fresh red, bright yellow and purple.


Sasaki Galaxy Bright Ball (M-207BR)

Sasaki Galaxy Bright Ball (M-207BR): This M-207BR Galaxy Bright Ball from Sasaki is sure to catch attention during your rhythmic gymnastics routines, for its beauty as well as its manageability. The FIG-approved rubber ball measures 18.5 cm in diameter and weighs a minimum of 400g. Choose from a dazzling and vibrant array of colors, including dark green, red, powder pink, lavender, black and gold, black and silver, purple, raspberry, royal blue, royal red, pink and fresh red. The ball also includes subtle yet dazzling sparkles, enhancing your overall presentation.


Sasaki Junior Jupiter Ball (M-20CBR)

Sasaki Junior Jupiter Ball (M-20CBR): Enjoy the flexibility and durability you need as a younger gymnast with this M-20CBR Junior Jupiter Ball from Sasaki. The RG ball is sized to be more manageable for young gymnasts, with a diameter of 15 cm. You can select from four vibrant colors for the shade that best suits your gymsuit and personality, including pink, red, orange and light blue. For a little more pizzazz, the ball features a graceful sparkling effect.


Sasaki 81cm Leg Warmer (T-130)

Sasaki 81cm Leg Warmer (T-130): Treat your legs right and add a little style to your rhythmic gymnastics apparel collection with these T-130 Legwarmers from Sasaki. The legwarmers will protect and support your legs, even during demanding RG routines, and feature a length of 81-82 cm. The sleek over-the-knee legwarmers feature a blend of 18% nylon, 7% wool, 5% polyurethane and 70% acrylic for a comfortable fit. Choose between black and pink.


Sasaki Half Shoes HoneyC (154)

Sasaki Half Shoes HoneyC (154) – Beige: Ensure that your feet are enjoying optimum protection and reliable flexibility with these 154 Half Shoes (Honeycomb Structure) from Sasaki. The versatile and durable RG toe slippers will help enhance your gymnastics practice without impeding your freedom of movement. The beige half shoes feature a polyester upper and a sole made from Belleseime, nylon and polyester. Belleseime is a luxurious microfiber fabric with a suede feel, providing comfort and style.


Sasaki Shiny Ribbon (M-726)

Sasaki Shiny Ribbon (M-726): Capture the beauty and precision of rhythmic gymnastics with this M-726 Shiny Ribbon from Sasaki. The FIG-approved ribbon has a shiny finish that is sure to catch attention. The ribbon is made from a blend of acetate and nylon, and features a length of six meters minimum. Choose from four vibrantly beautiful colors: wine red, gold yellow, fuchsia pink and black.


Sasaki Hyper Fluo Ribbon (M-721)

Sasaki Hyper Fluo Ribbon (M-721): This attractive and useful M-721 Ribbon from Sasaki features a subtle Kevlar loop for added versatility and functionality. The FIG-approved ribbon is constructed from sturdy yet lightweight rayon, allowing for precision during your routines. The ribbon is available in pure, versatile white and measures a minimum of six meters in length.